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Over 75 years in business!

Welcome to Glasfloss Industries, the world's oldest manufacturer of HVAC air filters. Owned and operated by the same family since 1936, Glasfloss is committed to producing the highest quality air filtration products for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications. From disposable panel filters to HEPA filters, Glasfloss is the Clear Choice for all of your air filtration needs.

Read the new Airwaves Newsletter - Learn about air filters and air filtration systems offered by Glasfloss Industries.

New Z-Line Series ZXP Self-Supported Pleated Filters - Learn about the new Z-Line Series ZXP self-supported pleated air filters

ANSI/UL 900 Revisions - Find out about changes in the Summary of Requirements

Filter Replacement Plans Save Energy, Improve IAQ - Read the www.facilitiesnet.com article on improving IAQ and lowering filter costs

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