Magna HT (High Temperature Series)

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  • The GlasFloss Magna series HT grade air filters are designed for high efficiency commercial and industrial applications.Ā  The Glasfloss Magna HT filters are available in MERV 11, 13 and 14 performances. Glasfloss Magna HT filters are produced in a wide range of sizes, in single or double header combinations.

  • The Glasfloss Magna HT frame shall be made of heavy-duty aluminized steel. The media shall be constructed of water resistant, inorganic glass microfiber.Ā  For quality assurance, the glass microfiber media rolls are randomly tested and certified to meet minimum efficiency requirements by the media manufacturer. The media pack shall consist of a continuous sheet of pleated glass microfiber. The pleated media pack is separated with multiple rolled-edge corrugated aluminum separators. Aluminized faceguards and support struts are installed on the air entering and air leaving sides of the frame to ensure filter integrity and increased rigidity. Operating temperatures range from 350 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. A 1/8ā€ thick high temperature rope gasket shall be applied to the filter. The 350, 500, 750 and 900 Series Magna HT filters shall be classified under U.L. std 900.