Automatic Roll Filters

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  • Glasfloss manufactures a complete line of roll filters for automatic roll machines.┬á Glasfloss Automatic Roll Filters are designed to replace the original equipment filter with no modification.┬á Glasfloss Automatic Roll Filters are available in different grades of fiberglass and polyester media in most standard widths.

  • Glasfloss Automatic Roll Filters are designed to fit in automatic, semi-automatic and manual type roll filter machines without modification to existing hardware.┬á┬á Glasfloss Roll Filters shall incorporate progressively dense fiberglass media or 100% non-woven polyester media.┬á┬á For added strength, the progressively dense fiberglass and 100% non-woven polyester grades of media shall incorporate a scrim backing on the air-exit side.┬á Glasfloss Automatic Roll Filters shall incorporate a heavy-duty paper leader and trailer that is sewn to the media.┬á The automatic roll filter’s┬á media┬á standard length shall be sixty-five feet.┬á Each roll is packaged in a heavy-duty plastic bag and carton that keeps the media clean until installation.